Laura - Founder and Creator of Harper and Lulu

Harper and Lulu started out as a small candle making business and has grown exponentially in the past 24 months, due to the continued support of local made, manufactured, grown and the idea of bringing local markets to your business.

With great appreciation for all of our partners in business we are now Newcastle's leading local gift hamper supplier. Harper and Lulu are proud advocates for the Hunter Valley, helping to reflect the high quality in business product and their customers service levels.

Laura is a proud business owner devoting her time to Harper and Lulu, however Laura is multi skilled, she is a full time mum and continuing to fulfil her dreams of occupations and studying a bachelor of nursing full time. Laura's past has been a continuous incline and rise to her current accomplishments as she worked in business support roles assisting leadership teams for large mining organisations using her management and human resource skill set.

To over lay the founder of Harper and Lulu (Laura) over the progression of the business there is no wonder the business is going so well, with dedication to strive for continual development and learning along with an outstanding customer service model.

There is no doubt Laura and Harper Lulu will continue to grow and work with more and more local business in the future.